B is for Baseball Caps

Baseball caps? What does that have to do with positive training — or dogs, for that matter? Baseball caps are great accessories between hair washes. They also keep the sun out of my eyes and add an extra layer of SPF protection. Even more useful in the Pacific Northwest, they keep the rain out ofContinue reading “B is for Baseball Caps”

Take-home Message (plus Free Book!)

Wednesday is the last day Bark and Lunge will be available for free on Kindle! Click here for the free eBook! Join the Wordless Wednesday fun by clicking the Linky Link and visiting other blogs in the Blog Hop. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

Speaking up for positive training

Several of us in the positive training community were distressed a few months ago when a company that sells shock collars courted dog bloggers to convince them of the virtues of aversive training. It felt like we were backsliding. Were these methods coming back into style? I’m happy to tell you that at least oneContinue reading “Speaking up for positive training”

Keeping my senior dog spry

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month. We didn’t set out to adopt a senior, but Mia fell into our laps three years ago and I have nothing but good things to say about adopting seniors. I’d do it again (and probably will). You should too. With younger dogs, I’ve been guilty of not takingContinue reading “Keeping my senior dog spry”

WOOF! Holiday Challenges

Welcome to the latest WOOF Blog Hop. We’re Working Out Our Fears about holiday challenges! My biggest challenge is leaving the dogs behind. My preference is to spend every single second with Mia and Leo. They’ve gotten so well-behaved when we take them to Rob’s parents’ house. As long as we put the butter inContinue reading “WOOF! Holiday Challenges”

Rethinking dog cloning

Several weeks ago, I glibly asked if you’d clone your dog. Because who wouldn’t want to have a second and third and fourth lifetime with their bestest friend? I was surprised how many commenters said they’d never do it. In my fantasy, scientists could mix up a little cocktail of Isis DNA in a petri dishContinue reading “Rethinking dog cloning”

Things that go blink in the night

What do dedicated dog owners do when the sun goes down? Walk their dogs anyway! To a degree, it can be easier for us to walk Leo when it’s dark and cold, because there are fewer joggers and cyclists. We took our first afterdark walk of the season on Saturday, and realized that one of our blinkyContinue reading “Things that go blink in the night”

String Cheese and the Crime Scene Field

I have found the secret to Leo’s success. Cheese. If a bike, jogger, or another dog is far enough away, I feed him chunks of string cheese to counter-condition him with a positive association to the scary thing. All summer, I walked him around the nearby college campus, which wasn’t very crowded off-season, but whereContinue reading “String Cheese and the Crime Scene Field”

Good writing is hard work!

It’s Pacific Northwest Writer Blog Hop time! The hilarious and very smart Tiffany Pitts, author of Double Blind, tagged me with the following four questions about the writing process: What am I working on? Right now, I’m busily promoting my first book, Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes, which has been soContinue reading “Good writing is hard work!”

Do dogs need rules?

Unbelievably, there are people in dog training circles who think positive-only training is wrong. But as Victoria Stilwell explains, positive does not equal permissive. Cesar Millan is big on saying that dogs need rules, boundaries, and limitations, more than they need affection. Whether or not that’s true, I abandoned that notion around the time I learnedContinue reading “Do dogs need rules?”