Speaking up for positive training

Several of us in the positive training community were distressed a few months ago when a company that sells shock collars courted dog bloggers to convince them of the virtues of aversive training. It felt like we were backsliding. Were these methods coming back into style? I’m happy to tell you that at least oneContinue reading “Speaking up for positive training”

Packing for BarkWorld. What to wear?

I am queen of the convention circuit this year. Whether for fun (Emerald City ComiCon, Power-Con), work (Tribal Habitat Conference), enhancing my craft (Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat), or a blend of market-strategizing and craft-enhancing (PNWA). Next up is the social petworking conference BarkWorld! Sadly, Mia and Leo will not be joining us, but based onContinue reading “Packing for BarkWorld. What to wear?”

Writing in Community

I keep telling one of my coworkers how antisocial I am, but he doesn’t believe me. That’s because I interact with him mostly through online chat and the very occasional in-person meeting. When I do meet with him and the rest of my team, it’s a welcome respite from the relative isolation of my day-to-dayContinue reading “Writing in Community”

In the background: A freeway falls into the river

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background, I give you Interstate 5 collapsed into the Skagit River. Allow me to zoom out so you can see how close my old office used to be to this freeway. This bridge has been in the background of my life for the past 10 years. From late 2006Continue reading “In the background: A freeway falls into the river”

Getting organizized in 2013

You know that feeling like you left something behind? Or there was something you were supposed to do? Or you walk into a room and forget what you walked in there for? Yeah. That. My first day back at work after the holiday, I overslept egregiously. Mind you, I like to sleep in, but rarelyContinue reading “Getting organizized in 2013”

Hazy shade of autumn

I apologize to my new readers and old friends who grew accustomed to my daily postings. I surprised even myself with how often I blogged during my trip. Now that I’m back home, my goal is to post at least once a week, but I’d love to find as much wonder in my daily lifeContinue reading “Hazy shade of autumn”

Trapped at my house with my two best friends

Seems like lots of people already are having cabin fever thanks to Snowpocalypse 2012: Pacific Northwest. Not me. Remember, I spent two straight weeks in a chair without going farther than 20 steps out the back door. We had Christmas lights on the front of the house for more than a week before I evenContinue reading “Trapped at my house with my two best friends”