Rescue Dogs published in UW journal

I’m thrilled to announce that Rescue Dogs, an excerpt from my work in progress, has been published in the University of Washington’s Stratus: Journal of Arts and Writing. Warning: The story depicts dog fighting, and includes some graphic violence. Read it here. (starting on page 67.) I’ve been working on Fight Like a Lady since 2009Continue reading “Rescue Dogs published in UW journal”

Top 6 Dog Books for Veterans Day

I was reminded how much respect and gratitude people in this country have for veterans when I went to Disney World last month with Rob’s dad, a career Navy man. When he wore his Retired Navy hat, total strangers thanked him for his service all day long, sometimes bringing a tear to his eye. Today,Continue reading “Top 6 Dog Books for Veterans Day”

Top 10 Books for Dog Lovers

It goes without saying that the greatest gift you can give any dog lover this Christmas is my book, Bark and Lunge, but I’ll assume because you’re reading my blog that you already know that. Here are ten more books to give the dog lover in your life. I have extremely high standards for dog books,Continue reading “Top 10 Books for Dog Lovers”

Good writing is hard work!

It’s Pacific Northwest Writer Blog Hop time! The hilarious and very smart Tiffany Pitts, author of Double Blind, tagged me with the following four questions about the writing process: What am I working on? Right now, I’m busily promoting my first book, Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes, which has been soContinue reading “Good writing is hard work!”

The Horror! A live reading

Hey look, I renovated! The main reason I redesigned the site (meaning, I got a new theme) was that I wanted links across the top for my bio, Bark and Lunge, and info about my copyediting side hustle. Hope you like the new look! In other news, the group of writers who collectively wrote twoContinue reading “The Horror! A live reading”


I had so much fun writing a chapter in Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ NaNoWriMo book, I signed up for another: NaNoWriMo for dog bloggers. Here are the first 10 parts: 1. Rocco 2. Bongo 3. Haley and Zaphod 4. Easy Rider 5. My Rotten Dogs 6. Sophie Doodle 7. Haiku by Ku 8. Oh My Shih Tzu 9. Sparhawk Scotties 10. Critter Alley Previously inContinue reading “NaNoWoofMo”

NaNoWriDa: Join the fun

Want to participate in National Novel Writing Month for exactly one day? Look no further and sign up for the Red Wheelbarrow Writers round robin. We have two novels going: one horror and one literary fiction. My current fiction project began as a NaNoWriMo effort in 2009. Sometime in 2011 or 2012, I did hitContinue reading “NaNoWriDa: Join the fun”

Taking Wonder with a twist of Danger

During a recent martial arts class, Rob asked his students whether they saw the world as a dangerous place with moments of wonder, or a wondrous place with moments of danger. Definitely a wondrous place, I thought. Then I considered my writing and realized that to move the action forward in my novel, I needContinue reading “Taking Wonder with a twist of Danger”

Writing in Community

I keep telling one of my coworkers how antisocial I am, but he doesn’t believe me. That’s because I interact with him mostly through online chat and the very occasional in-person meeting. When I do meet with him and the rest of my team, it’s a welcome respite from the relative isolation of my day-to-dayContinue reading “Writing in Community”

A thousand words at a time

I completed the first draft of my memoir in September and spent the succeeding months revising it. Honestly, I could revise the thing forever, so a few months ago I decided to set it aside while seeking an agent and editor to guide me on the next stage of revision. Nothing to report on thatContinue reading “A thousand words at a time”