Do you want the bad news first or the really bad news?

How’s your pandemic going? Ours has been bad, epically bad. The worst thing that happened is that we lost Mia in May, but it wasn’t unexpected. We were so so lucky to have her in our lives as long as we did. I actually went to a pet loss support group in February, thinking weContinue reading “Do you want the bad news first or the really bad news?”

When your difficult dog becomes your easy dog*

*Alternate headline: When your geriatric dog has fewer health problems than your younger dog.** **Then again, Leo is 9, so technically he is a senior dog too. Last week, I marveled to myself that because of Mia’s mobility limitations, my “difficult dog” Leo has become the easier dog to take out into the world. ThisContinue reading “When your difficult dog becomes your easy dog*”

Year in Review Part 2: Leo

Leo recovered from his November 2017 TPLO surgery like a champ. At his eight-week X-rays, we learned that his fibula had broken during his recovery, but had already been healing for a few weeks, so there was nothing to be done, except feel completely devastated about my failure as a nurse. But he didn’t care.Continue reading “Year in Review Part 2: Leo”