Our Christmas Tradition

Every year we take the dogs to a tree farm and pose in front of our tree before Rob cuts it down. Following on my earlier post this week, Leo continues to impress me. He sat down, even lay down, while I set up the tripod. People walked by, and I did reward him with cheese, but I don’t think I had to.

So so proud of my little bug. Mia’s no slouch either.


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Big Leo goes to camp

Not much to report for this Positive Pet Training Blog Hop, and I’m being negligent for Walk Your Dog Week, since I won’t be seeing my dogs for the rest of it.

Instead, let’s celebrate my good boy Leo. I’m so proud of the dog he’s grown up to be. Yes, he’s leash-reactive and barks up a good game. But he’s come so far thanks to counter-conditioning. More importantly, he’s predictable, which makes him easier to manage. And he is very well-socialized with other dogs. 

We had a full car when we dropped him off at camp. I sat in the front seat, with him on the floor at my feet. He couldn’t see anything out the window to bark at, so he didn’t need his Calming Cap.


(Aside: Rob was describing the Calming Cap to someone recently and discovered that Leo’s picture shows up in a Google Image search.)

When we arrived at camp, some senior Golden retrievers barked at him from the yard. Leo did not bark back. He walked politely into the lobby with me and was perfectly charming to the lady at the desk. 

Which way’s my room?

For the first time, I feel calm about his being away at camp. (This is his fourth time there.)

Of course, my being relaxed about it probably means something terrible will happen. 

Ha ha ha. Sorry, that’s not very positive of me, is it?

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Mia’s Spring Preview

Fall fell pretty hard this week, but before the rains, Mia and I discovered a newish tulip statue in Mount Vernon. I would have loved to get a selfie with her, but as it was, I had to lie on the ground to get the shots of her close to the statue.

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