Carcass Beach gets a new name

That semi-private beach I take my dogs to … secretly I’ve been calling it Carcass Beach.

See, the first few times we went there, we found several – several – deer carcasses. This beach is near a hunting community, so my guess is that people strip the meat and hide they plan to use, and discard the carcasses on the beach. Kind of gross, but since fish carcasses provide nutrients to river systems, maybe the deer carcasses are good for salt water.

carcass-beach mia
Mia sniffs some bones that have been pretty well picked clean. No new carcasses lately.
Earlier this summer, we discovered this huge piece of driftwood, which my friend Leigh Bardugo pointed out resembles a dragon. Upon our return last week, the driftwood told me the beach’s true name.


Henceforth, we shall call this place Dragonwood Beach.


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Published by Kari Neumeyer

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10 thoughts on “Carcass Beach gets a new name

  1. There’s definitely something macabre yet delightful about having your dogs scamper around in and on a big ancient dragon carcass! 😀

  2. Dragonwood Beach has a more pleasant ring to it for sure, but Carcass Beach did a better job of ensuring you had it to yourself…
    Gorgeous pictures, and it really does look like a dragon. I had some trees that I clambered on growing up that I called my Dragon Trees, since they stretched out over the stream bank and carried me on many adventures.

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