Eight moments of Zen

Thanks, Forest Poodles, for inviting me to share eight photos of happiness. Here they are, my eight moments of Zen.

Reading with my pups

This is pretty much my perfect day. Reading on the beach with my dogs. I have it as the cover photo on my Facebook page, on a sticker on the back of my iPhone case, and printed on my business cards. No one’s asked me what book I’m reading. It’s Poser by Claire Dederer.

Isis, Summer 2010

My sunshiney Isis in the summer of 2010. She loved her pool, and her soccer ball.

Selfie with my sidekick

I take more dog selfies than I do solo selfies. Here’s one with Mia during a lunch break on a day when I took her to work. Rob had been taking her to his work more often than I was at that point, so this is me reclaiming her as my sidekick.

Snuggle Bug

This is a selfie too, although I’m pretending to be asleep. Most mornings, the dogs wait to jump on the bed until I’m in the shower. Sometimes I have to get back in bed and snuggle with them before getting on with my day. Leo is my snuggle bug.

Christmas Mia

When I was in grad school in 2001, the internet was still pretty new. The girl with the computer next to mine discovered a hilarious picture of a kitten online. Whenever things got slow or stressful, she’d bring the picture up and we’d laugh our asses off. That’s sort of how I feel about the above picture of Mia. Rob took it at his work while I was in Los Angeles for Christmas. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.


This is Abe. I made a video of him at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley and almost cried when it resulted in his getting adopted. And almost cried again when he got sent back for barking too much. He did finally get adopted again for real.


Eight-week-old Leo, the day we brought him home, June 2010.

Isis under the dogwood

I took this photo of Isis on an October afternoon with perfect light. It was one of several awesome photos that day and I never did anything with it until my book cover designer picked it for the cover image of Bark and Lunge. She cropped it perfectly, and I’m still not tired of it, even after staring at it on the book cover, T-shirts, postcards, and banners.


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  1. These are definitely excellent moments of happiness! I can see why you’d bring up that sweet picture of Mia every time you need a smile!

  2. So many happy shepherds! Isis’s nickname Smiley Bird is so apt. And I love the picture of cuddly Leo. Nala likes to get right up in my face and cuddle me, too.

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