Do you want the bad news first or the really bad news?

How’s your pandemic going? Ours has been bad, epically bad. The worst thing that happened is that we lost Mia in May, but it wasn’t unexpected. We were so so lucky to have her in our lives as long as we did. I actually went to a pet loss support group in February, thinking weContinue reading “Do you want the bad news first or the really bad news?”

Not as naughty as he looks

Since Leo is 100 pounds and leash reactive, I often assume he will be perceived as scary. He proved otherwise to me during this past month. At the end of October, he started limping. I had to leave him at the vet for a couple of hours while they X-rayed him. I worried that he’dContinue reading “Not as naughty as he looks”

Why my senior dog is starting to hate me

I recently reported about the erosion of trust between me and Mia since I’ve had to give her eye medicine twice a day. She’ll still let me cuddle her in the mornings, but when I get out the tube of ointment, she runs under Rob’s desk, and other times, she’s super evasive when I askContinue reading “Why my senior dog is starting to hate me”

Temple of the Dog

I recently had Lasik surgery.* Contact lenses had become really uncomfortable, so I preferred wearing glasses, but they interfered with my ability to take pictures using a DSLR. (Not to mention they got rained on and fogged up all the time.**) That’s one of the reasons I’ve been slacking on taking pics of my pups.Continue reading “Temple of the Dog”