Why my senior dog is starting to hate me

Yard work is exhausting

I recently reported about the erosion of trust between me and Mia since I’ve had to give her eye medicine twice a day. She’ll still let me cuddle her in the mornings, but when I get out the tube of ointment, she runs under Rob’s desk, and other times, she’s super evasive when I ask her to come in from the backyard (although she’ll still come in for Rob).

As part of our regular maintenance for her arthritis meds, we have her blood tested every three months. Usually, they take her in back to do this, but yesterday, she slammed on the brakes and refused to go with the tech unless I came too. So I guess she still prefers me to strangers. I held and kissed her head while they drew the blood. She pulled her leg away before they filled the vial, so we had to do this twice, with a couple of aborted attempts when she yelped at the needle. (Pretty soon she’s going to refuse to get out of the car at the vet’s.)

The eye specialist suggested we have her thyroid levels tested too. Oh the irony. Several years ago, our trainer was certain Isis’s reactivity was related to hypothyroidism. To be extra sure, I had our regular vet take Isis’s blood and give me the vials, which I then sent to Dr. Jean Dodds’ Hemopet lab.

Isis did not have hypothyroid. Mia, it turns out, does. Like, off-the-scale low levels. Looking at the symptoms, I don’t see it. Maaaybe we can attribute Mia’s few extra pounds to her thyroid (or maybe she eats too many treats because she won’t come inside the house otherwise). I don’t think she sheds more than Leo. Her coat might not be as lustrous as his, but I attributed that to her age. All said, she looks great, and doesn’t exhibit any of the other physical symptoms. (But her low thyroid might have something to do with her anxiety.)

Of course I’ll still treat her for it. Especially if it improves her goopy eyes. Even after a month of giving her the ointment twice a day (almost) every day, she still has the goop. I’m so not looking forward to taking her back to the eye doc, where they’ll make her sit still with a tear strip in her eyelid for one minute (per eye). Not to mention our thyroid follow-up to have her blood drawn again in one month.

I took her back to the vet today when I picked up her medicine, so she could have an experience there where she got a bunch of treats from me and the receptionist, and no one stuck her with any needles. She was pretty happy about it, but I know she hasn’t forgotten what I put her through yesterday.

So, that’s why Mia’s starting to hate me. The new pills are small though, pretty easy to hide in a treat. If she’s going to be taking thyroid pills twice a day, though, I plan to mail-order the chewables.

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