My strong and sassy senior dog

Mia, being a trouper at the eye doctor. Her dry eye is being managed well, and now we’re waiting for the results of her thyroid panel. I blew it by giving her the tiniest amount of cheese with her thyroid pill, so they wouldn’t do the cholesterol test. I ask you, if your dog has to have her thyroid medicine within 4-6 hours of the bloodwork, but she also has to fast for 12 hours… how do you get her to take the pill?

Anyway, we’ll have to do a second fasting blood test, I guess.

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9 thoughts on “My strong and sassy senior dog

  1. Ha! That doesn’t make any sense!! Hopefully next time you take her in, not taking her meds won’t have too much of an effect on her!

  2. For my own tests like that, I delay my pill until after the test. 😦

  3. A pill with no cheese is totally a day without sunshine in our house! And all of us hate to do the 12 hour fasting thing. Poor sweetie!!

  4. I’m glad Mia’s eye issue seems to be doing well. I remember my Dad giving our dogs pills by pushing the pill far back into their mouths with his finger. I think if you push it back far enough, they’ll swallow the pill rather than spit it out. Maybe it’s worth a try with Mia’s thyroid pill. 🙂

  5. I’m honestly not sure how I would give the pill as I have a real hard time pilling them. In fact, I’d be screwed… and with my old doxie? We’d have to struggle to the point of no return…

  6. I love the look on Mia’s face in the top photo. She looks so wise and calm and slightly curious. P.S. Senior dogs are the best. Cheers and have a great weekend.

  7. She looks like a doll in the pictures. It is tough watching as they age and start to get sick. Good luck and I hope she gets better soon.

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