Celebrating 5 years of Mia, age 12

Birthdays are funny. It was a Big Deal when I turned 40 in October. But I didn’t feel any different.

We don’t know when Mia’s birthday is, and we don’t really know how old she is. So we celebrate the anniversary of the day we got her. Which was five years ago June 4. At the time, we thought she was 7, and I’m starting to think that was a pretty good estimate, since Leo is now 6, and he hasn’t started getting gray yet. If that means anything.

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12 thoughts on “Celebrating 5 years of Mia, age 12

  1. Happy Birthday! We don’t know our kitties exact ages or birthdays since they were adopted as adults, so we use their adoption day to celebrate! Mom says enjoy the 40’s as the big 50 comes pretty fast after that one and it was the first one which seemed a bit scary!

    1. Her new toys were wrapped in there: a grunty hedgehog and a squeaky slug… I may have put a treat inside the wrapping to let her know they were for her to open.

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