The Japanese art of folding patterned paper

A few years ago, a work associate I knew only slightly was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was given a few months to live, but survived almost a year. During that time, I followed a Caring Bridge blog documenting his illness, treatment and family life. One of the ways his loved ones coped wasContinue reading “The Japanese art of folding patterned paper”

I don’t eat Paleo, but my dogs do

Have you heard about the potentially controversial research that dogs, through evolution, can now digest carbs in a way that wolves could not? When I heard, and decided to blog about it, I was astonished to see how little I have written about raw feeding. A mention here or there, sure, but nothing significant since IContinue reading “I don’t eat Paleo, but my dogs do”

How to sabotage the Skinny Rules: Holiday Edition

Make excellent choices. Breakfast: Oatmeal with greek yogurt and flax seed. Lunch: Salad with grilled salmon Dinner: Grilled fish, salad, grilled zucchini Surprisingly, I found it easy enough to observe Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules at meals over the holidays. At the Fish Grill in Brentwood, I even opted for salad and zucchini instead of friesContinue reading “How to sabotage the Skinny Rules: Holiday Edition”

A new food pyramid

I learned about the pyramid of quality in film school. Between Good, Fast and Cheap, you can only have two. Your movie can be good and fast, but it won’t be cheap. Cheap and good, but it won’t be fast. Fast and cheap, not good. I’ve noticed a similar pyramid regarding my efforts to eatContinue reading “A new food pyramid”

True Confessions, weight loss edition

Almost 10 years ago, I lost a bit of weight on Weight Watchers. Following the plan was fairly easy and it took me a little over six months. I lived alone and didn’t have much of a social life; controlling what I ate was a piece of cake. I didn’t even exercise that vigorously atContinue reading “True Confessions, weight loss edition”

One last thing about my severe cough and cold

I’m not really a germaphobe. I tend to think, “Meh, that’s what my immune system is for.” Until I get sick, and wonder about the trail of germs that led me here. It’s like that movie Contagion. (It used to be like that movie Outbreak, but I try to stay current.) I had an itsyContinue reading “One last thing about my severe cough and cold”

Good fortune or bedside nagging?

I’ve been quite sick with a cough. Mostly, I’ve been lying on the couch watching the Bourne movies. Yesterday, I rewatched almost the entire series of Firefly. (Wow. Christina Hendricks. Someone tell me she does those ninja kicks on Mad Men, I might actually watch that show.) One episode to go. Then the movie. OnContinue reading “Good fortune or bedside nagging?”

Hazy shade of autumn

I apologize to my new readers and old friends who grew accustomed to my daily postings. I surprised even myself with how often I blogged during my trip. Now that I’m back home, my goal is to post at least once a week, but I’d love to find as much wonder in my daily lifeContinue reading “Hazy shade of autumn”

High on life, no thanks to the walk-in clinic, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1) I could barely walk up the sidewalk to the entrance when Alice and I arrived at the ER, my head was pounding so badly. Because I knew that emergency rooms didn’t take migraines all that seriously, I explained to the triage nurse that the Walk-In Clinic sent me there because IContinue reading “High on life, no thanks to the walk-in clinic, Part 2”

High on life, no thanks to the walk-in clinic, Part 1

As a presumed side effect of the TMJ that has plagued me for about nine years, I suffer severe headaches from time to time. The first notable one throbbed on one side and was accompanied by nausea and light sensitivity. I had driven the half-hour to work and was struggling to look at my computerContinue reading “High on life, no thanks to the walk-in clinic, Part 1”