Nothing’s Gonna Break Our Stride

My training goal for 2018 is to have two ambulatory dogs. I already had Mia on anti-inflammatories and acupuncture when Leo needed TPLO surgery in November. I already had the greatest dog step in the world for the car*, and prophetically had trained Leo to use it. Mia got her own walks for a fewContinue reading “Nothing’s Gonna Break Our Stride”

Blame it on the pit bull

Gracie is a total wiggle butt/snuggle bug available at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley. At least she was the last time I was there, which was May 22 … ! What happened to me there, and the reason I haven’t been back yet is not her fault, but because of her breed, even though she’s a veryContinue reading “Blame it on the pit bull”

String Cheese and the Crime Scene Field

I have found the secret to Leo’s success. Cheese. If a bike, jogger, or another dog is far enough away, I feed him chunks of string cheese to counter-condition him with a positive association to the scary thing. All summer, I walked him around the nearby college campus, which wasn’t very crowded off-season, but whereContinue reading “String Cheese and the Crime Scene Field”

Walking dogs for fitness and fun

I really wanted to call this post How I lost 30 pounds walking dogs. Turns out that won’t happen unless I also cut back on the M&Ms and french fries. When I first started volunteering at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley, I went two or three times a week and walked three dogs about 20Continue reading “Walking dogs for fitness and fun”

Tell me again, why did I quit nose work?

Oh, readers, I know you don’t know, since I can’t even remember. I know why I quit the nose work class. I didn’t want to do another dog class without Rob and the only class that worked with our schedule was 8-9 pm Thursdays. It was a lot of money and a long way toContinue reading “Tell me again, why did I quit nose work?”