Rethinking dog cloning

Several weeks ago, I glibly asked if you’d clone your dog. Because who wouldn’t want to have a second and third and fourth lifetime with their bestest friend? I was surprised how many commenters said they’d never do it. In my fantasy, scientists could mix up a little cocktail of Isis DNA in a petri dishContinue reading “Rethinking dog cloning”

Buy a book, benefit shelter dogs

This Friday is the official launch of the Bark and Lunge book tour! I will be reading, answering questions, and selling books and T-shirts at The Humane Society of Skagit Valley, and donating the proceeds to the shelter. Since not everyone can make it to beautiful Skagit Valley for this party, but I know youContinue reading “Buy a book, benefit shelter dogs”

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

I almost burst into tears when I heard that an adoption application had come in for Abe, the shepherd-hound I fell in love with at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley. I’d made a video of him because I just knew he would make a wonderful pet for someone, if only they could see pastContinue reading “Don’t you just love a happy ending?”

Abe’s Doggie eHarmony Video

Big dogs don’t always make the best impression behind bars, so Rob and I made this video to show how much fun Abe is in the play yard and on walks. Abe is available at the Humane Society of Skagit County, but I bet there are awesome dogs near you, too. Powered by Linky ToolsContinue reading “Abe’s Doggie eHarmony Video”

Walking dogs for fitness and fun

I really wanted to call this post How I lost 30 pounds walking dogs. Turns out that won’t happen unless I also cut back on the M&Ms and french fries. When I first started volunteering at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley, I went two or three times a week and walked three dogs about 20Continue reading “Walking dogs for fitness and fun”

R is for Relax Harder

I had a hard time finishing this post about getting dogs to relax, because Mia kept whining and trying to climb onto my lap. Think she’s trying to tell me something? The idea of relaxing harder used to be kind of a theme in my life. I suffered from TMJ and headaches, and the medicalContinue reading “R is for Relax Harder”

M is for Mystery

When you “rescue” a dog, unless it is an owner surrender with a uniquely upfront surrenderer, the dog’s previous life is a complete mystery. We look at Mia all the time and ask her, “What were your families like before us?” Mia came to live with us when she was about 7. The only thingsContinue reading “M is for Mystery”

Pit Bulls are Lovers, Not Fighters

During my morning hop through the blogosphere, I learned that today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, and feel compelled to contribute. I’ve never known any fighting dogs, and until recently, I didn’t really know any pit bulls very well. I’ve been a fan of Pit Bulls and Parolees since it started, and I’ve beenContinue reading “Pit Bulls are Lovers, Not Fighters”

Five doggies looking for new Best Friends

My writer friend Pam is doing the Blogging A-Z challenge, and when I saw some of my Wordless Wednesday friends doing it as a blog hop, I wanted to join in. I’d already posted this, and realized that it fits perfectly. B is for Best Friends! Two weeks ago, I posted pics of three dogsContinue reading “Five doggies looking for new Best Friends”