Abe’s Doggie eHarmony Video

Big dogs don’t always make the best impression behind bars, so Rob and I made this video to show how much fun Abe is in the play yard and on walks.

Abe is available at the Humane Society of Skagit County, but I bet there are awesome dogs near you, too.

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Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

17 thoughts on “Abe’s Doggie eHarmony Video

  1. ❤ video. Great way to promote adoptable dogs. Hope Abe find his forever home soon. Golden Woofs

  2. Great idea.

    Fosters aren’t always practical, but we’ve had great experiences with both Bailey and Katy because you do get to experience a dog in a natural environment and you see the good stuff and you are more aware of the challenges you will face. It is so hard to really know if a dog is going to be a good fit when rescue and potential owners only know the dog as a kennel dog.

    Hope he finds his forever home soon.

  3. What a great dog. I hope someone brings Abe home soon. You’re right about the photos of the adoptable pets in cages. It is so much more effective to have them in a more natural setting. Enjoy your day!

  4. Wonderful video! It is great that you highlighted his leash walking abilities and his knowledge of some basic commands. What a great way to let others see Abe’s strengths.

  5. Kari, this is a terrific video! I see a lot of footage people shoot to promote dogs, and this is first-rate thanks to the
    production value, as well as the showcase for Abe’s beauty and talents are first-rate. Your narrative and the music, as well as the editing, should go a long way to finding Abe a home. Wish you could make a video for each dog in every shelter.

    1. Thanks! Rob was the cinematographer. Shot it on an iPhone! I already posted my second video, and have a third planned. If I can’t make one for every dog, at least I can make them for a few great dogs who keep getting overlooked.

  6. Great video showing that Abe really is a sweetheart. I agree with Bailey about people not knowing more about him and his life. We wrote our book, “If I Should Die Before My Dog” for this very reason. It breaks my heart that people don’t realize that these poor pets had lives and homes and routines and a family. The very least the former owners could have done for Abe was to get the book, fill it out and give it to the shelter when they left this baby. That way Abe would have a way to tell people the “story” of HIS life.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, praying Abe gets a real forever home soon 😦

    1. He was a stray, which is just shocking to me, because he had to come from somewhere! Did he have littermates? Did have have owners who abandoned him? Did he just get lost? How long was he on the streets?

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