Five doggies looking for new Best Friends

My writer friend Pam is doing the Blogging A-Z challenge, and when I saw some of my Wordless Wednesday friends doing it as a blog hop, I wanted to join in. I’d already posted this, and realized that it fits perfectly.

B is for Best Friends!

Two weeks ago, I posted pics of three dogs at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley, where I volunteer. Two have been adopted since then! It’s really gratifying to see doggies find new Best Friends.

I’m worried about the third dog though. Maverick. He’s very sweet and cute, but he’s restless from being cooped up, and doesn’t make the best impression when you first meet him behind bars. He also suffers from Black Dog Syndrome, which makes him more likely to be overlooked in the shelter. (Black Dog Syndrome also starts with a B.)

Here he is loving life in the play yard with a rope toy.


And here are a few more doggies, still looking for for their new Best Friends.


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17 thoughts on “Five doggies looking for new Best Friends

  1. Seriously, there’s a black dog syndrome? What’s up with that? As usual, wish I wasn’t allergic to pups or I’d grab one of these cuties.

    1. Yep. Black dogs (and cats) are less likely to get adopted. Which is weird, because I know a lot of people who HAVE black dogs and cats, but I guess once they’re homeless, they’re harder to photograph for shelter websites, and they don’t look as good behind bars.

  2. Poor guy – our Jack was in a shelter for a year before we adopted him, so I know first hand about pent up energy. I hope he finds a home soon that understands and gives him some good outlets.

  3. I hope each and every one of them find their “forever home” and happiness too! Good deeds like this make my heart melt when I see someone trying to help those animals in need.

    That is what I am doing too. I am trying to help those animals who need our help to get off the streets, get away from their abuse & neglect and find a home with happiness & love. If anyone would like to help, here is our donation link for the APL: This is our fourth year participating in this annual fundraiser and our hearts are with the APL since this is where we rescued both our dogs, Nikita and Bella. They both had sad stories on how they started life, but in the end, they found us and they are the happiest doggies around with lots of love! ❤

  4. Maverick looks like he is full of energy. A forever home with children would be ideal for him, he’d make the PAWfect babysitter! I hope he is united with a loving family soon. Please let us know when that happens. I never knew about “black dog syndrome.” Not until I started blogging. I can’t imagine why this would be an issue, but I’m reading more and more about this problem based on color. WOW! Thanks so much for enlightening so many.

  5. Oh, I am in love with Buddy! What a sweet looking pup. And I wish the best for Maverick – I hope that he finds a loving forever home. Thanks for posting! 😀

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