Mia’s Big Girl Condo

Mia’s been doing better when we leave her outside during the day. (I’ve written before about her penchant for eating doors inside.) But pretty soon it’s going to be cold and wet out there, so we renovated our backyard shed for her comfort. I didn’t take any before pictures, but trust me, there was aContinue reading “Mia’s Big Girl Condo”

Bark and Lunge on sale July 29

I’ve been uncharacteristically wordless lately because I’m gearing up for the launch of Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes. Add it to your Goodreads list now, and on July 29, buy the print or eBook (or both!) from any of your usual online booksellers. Here’s the print cover:     Powered byContinue reading “Bark and Lunge on sale July 29”

Happy Birthday (observed) to the most destructive dog I’ve had

Isis eviscerated a couch, and Leo devoured the interior of my car, but in the last year, Mia has managed to do more damage than the two of them put together with her incessant door shredding. I don’t care. I’m not even mad. That’s how much I love my Meezy B. We brought her homeContinue reading “Happy Birthday (observed) to the most destructive dog I’ve had”

Raw Beef: It’s what’s for your dog’s breakfast

I was interviewed for this NPR story about raw-feeding. The headline emphasizes the health risk for humans, so for Wordless Wednesday, I thought I’d show you that feeding raw beef to my dogs poses no more of a human health risk than making meatloaf. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this LinkyContinue reading “Raw Beef: It’s what’s for your dog’s breakfast”

Tell me again, why did I quit nose work?

Oh, readers, I know you don’t know, since I can’t even remember. I know why I quit the nose work class. I didn’t want to do another dog class without Rob and the only class that worked with our schedule was 8-9 pm Thursdays. It was a lot of money and a long way toContinue reading “Tell me again, why did I quit nose work?”