Does this dog have the best job ever?

Remember how you felt when you found out that someone actually gets paid to taste ice cream flavors? Or test video games? That’s how your dogs are going to feel when they find out that some dogs get paid to sniff poop! Meet Crush, a sewage sniffing dog from Environmental Canine Services. She and herContinue reading “Does this dog have the best job ever?”

Girls like flowers

After 14 springs in Washington state, I guess I don’t have to go to the tulip fields every April. Fortunately, Mia and I saw some color in the beds along Mount Vernon’s newish Skagit River Walk. Join the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky ToolsContinue reading “Girls like flowers”

Goldilocks and two other bears

Not dog-related, but I saw Grizzly Bears! I first learned of grizzly bear rafting tours a year ago when I drove through Bella Coola, British Columbia, with my mom, but it was July and the bears weren’t out yet. Rob and I returned for a one-day whirlwind trip with one goal: to see grizzly bears.Continue reading “Goldilocks and two other bears”

Evolution of Dogs and Wolves

Do you think Noah had two of every single dog breed on the ark? Or do you believe that dogs evolved from wolves? The latest research from PLOS Genetics suggests that today’s dogs and gray wolves share a common ancestor in an extinct wolf lineage that lived thousands of years ago. The researchers found no clear genetic link betweenContinue reading “Evolution of Dogs and Wolves”

My “normal” dog

The magic of Mia is that I can take her anywhere. Truly. She doesn’t even need a leash; she sticks right by me. Even on a leash, she doesn’t bark and lunge at any of the usual suspects. My original plan for the Festival of the River was to take Mia with me both days,Continue reading “My “normal” dog”

Cocoons: My murderous obsession

If you walked onto your back porch at dusk and were swarmed with butterflies, you’d probably smile and say, “How magical.” If a ladybug crawled across your steering wheel, you might take its picture and post a blog about it. Swap out the butterflies and ladybugs for moths and beetles, though, and your response wouldContinue reading “Cocoons: My murderous obsession”