Reclaiming my sidekick

mia and me daffs

Rob’s been taking Mia to work a lot. Since he works on a college campus, Mia gets to visit with all kinds of people while she’s there. Many of the students miss their own dogs, so they’re pretty excited to see her. Also, Rob takes her on long walks.

My office is nowhere near as fun. Someone usually gives us a “Beautiful dog” in the parking lot, but aside from that, there’s no one to talk to. (Why do you think I need to bring her?)

But outside my office… I have daffodils.

mia and me daffs_2

AND I just discovered on Tuesday, there’s a duck pond in the industrial complex behind my building. With picnic benches. This changes everything.

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12 thoughts on “Reclaiming my sidekick

  1. Mia is so cute!! Wow that’s a lot of daffodils!! That’s so neat you found a duck pond! I love it when I discover places like that!

  2. Wow, those daffodils! Great pics! That’s nice she gets to come to work with you! Rita comes to work with me too – but I work at home. 🙂

  3. Wow, those daffodils are gorgeous!!! I thought I had a nice view from my office of woods and trees, but I think yours is much better! And that duck pond is definitely the perfect place for you and Mia to sit and have lunch!

  4. Those daffodil pics are stunning! Your dog is so beautiful, you’re lucky you can take him to work w/ you, that’s so nice.

  5. It appears to me that you may have a hard time getting out the door to work by yourself from now on,,,,now that Mia has discovered your little daffodil & duck pond paradise.

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