Flashy New Collars

The good people at Dog-E-Glow liked this video so much that they sent us a couple of different styles to try out! We walk our dogs every day after dark, and during those walks, they always wear their Dog-E-Glows. We usually keep them on “steady glow,” but they also have a blinky setting.

I love the purple skull pattern that Mia’s been wearing, but it doesn’t seem as bright as Leo’s green collar. That’s not a problem with her new pink rhinestone necklace. It’s not easy to capture the majesty on film, but I tried:

Leo’s new collar is a black-and-white skull and crossbones, with a red light.

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Published by Kari Neumeyer

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13 thoughts on “Flashy New Collars

  1. Love these! Especially the pink 🙂 Wish more collars (we call them necklaces too) had the lights, it would make night walks so much safer!

  2. Oh, I’m definitely digging the scull collars! Rita’s leash is black with little raspberry skull & crossbones on it. We do have a blinking collar for her already, but when that one dies, I’ll have to get one of these!

  3. These are gorgeous collars, I love them both! It’s great to have collars with a safety feature like this for nighttime walks. Thanks for sharing

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