Evolution of Dogs and Wolves

Do you think Noah had two of every single dog breed on the ark? Or do you believe that dogs evolved from wolves? The latest research from PLOS Genetics suggests that today’s dogs and gray wolves share a common ancestor in an extinct wolf lineage that lived thousands of years ago. The researchers found no clear genetic link betweenContinue reading “Evolution of Dogs and Wolves”

I want to save them all

Note: I would love it if the following story ended with me bringing Misty home, but, spoiler, that hasn’t happened. My hands go up to everyone who’s ever rescued a dog, and for those who rescue animals every day. My heart won’t stop bleeding for all the homeless dogs. Perhaps I need to block allContinue reading “I want to save them all”

Adventures in Pet-sitting

One of the many perks of BarkWorld was a magnificent swag bag, which included $25 gift cards for pet-sitting via Rover.com. Rover.com is Hotels.com for your dog, connecting you with pet caregivers in cities all over the United States. I’m giving away two gift cards. That’s $50 of pet-sitting! Enter to win both by: Posting aContinue reading “Adventures in Pet-sitting”

Separation anxiety (mine) and the canine oxytocin connection

While in Atlanta for BarkWorld, I missed my doggies like crazy. More than usual, probably because I was thinking about dogs and surrounded by dog-lovers all weekend. The highlight of the social “petworking” conference for me was meeting Victoria Stilwell. As a fan of her television show, I already knew that she is a championContinue reading “Separation anxiety (mine) and the canine oxytocin connection”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text

I drafted this post before I saw this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text, and was struggling to pick an image to accompany it. Should I borrow Evernote’s logo, since I’m giving them free advertising anyway? Maybe Rob has a picture of me using my Nook. I was tempted to steal photos of Louis CK, Fred ArmisenContinue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text”

Pet Blogger Challenge

Rather than have an existential crisis about whether Rhymes with Safari counts as a dog blog, I’m gonna just jump in and participate in GoPetFriendly’s Pet Blogger Challenge. 1. When did you begin your blog? I started blogging in 2002, when I was living in Prague and working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 2. WhatContinue reading “Pet Blogger Challenge”

The evolution of my travel journal

Before email, it was all about the travel journal. Sometimes I went through more than one and had to acquire another abroad. Record every sight, every meal, what I paid for each souvenir, what my traveling companion had done to get on my nerves. Before blogs, assuming I wasn’t traveling with her, it was allContinue reading “The evolution of my travel journal”