B is for Baseball Caps

Baseball caps? What does that have to do with positive training — or dogs, for that matter? Baseball caps are great accessories between hair washes. They also keep the sun out of my eyes and add an extra layer of SPF protection. Even more useful in the Pacific Northwest, they keep the rain out ofContinue reading “B is for Baseball Caps”

A to Z Challenge 2015

Last year’s A to Z Challenge was so stimulating and fun, I’m doing it again. I didn’t establish a particular theme last year, but because this is a dog blog, of course all my posts followed that theme. This year, my theme is POSITIVE ONLY. Not only will I focus on the positive reinforcement trainingContinue reading “A to Z Challenge 2015”

H is for Hit By a Flying Wolf

Here’s a book recommendation brought to you by the letter H. Hit by a Flying Wolf by Nicole Wilde Yesterday, I quoted from Nicole Wilde’s blog post about growling. As a follow-up to that and my post on the Evolution of Dogs and Wolves, I decided H-day was a good opportunity to tell you about her latest book.Continue reading “H is for Hit By a Flying Wolf”

D is for Dominance

I’m so encouraged that Bark and Lunge has received the following endorsement: Bark and Lunge is worth reading slowly for the details and for the joy of it. The book recognizes the inappropriate use of simple dominance theory, which is so common and so wrong for dogs. Many dog owners will recognize some of the questionsContinue reading “D is for Dominance”