H is for Hit By a Flying Wolf

Here’s a book recommendation brought to you by the letter H. Hit by a Flying Wolf by Nicole Wilde Yesterday, I quoted from Nicole Wilde’s blog post about growling. As a follow-up to that and my post on the Evolution of Dogs and Wolves, I decided H-day was a good opportunity to tell you about her latest book.Continue reading “H is for Hit By a Flying Wolf”

G is for Grrrrrrr

. . . and Grrrrrrr is dog for “Growl.” As the wonderful dog behaviorist and author Nicole Wilde explains: Growling is a perfectly acceptable canine warning. It’s a dog’s way of saying, “Hey, I don’t like that,” “Don’t come any closer!” or “Please stop what you’re doing.” … Whether a dog is growling at another dog orContinue reading “G is for Grrrrrrr”