The Dog Knight Rises

Last weekend I fulfilled a longtime dream… I dressed Leo in a Batman costume. I was inspired by Super Cooper’s Instagram page. The costume from Petsmart is a 2XL and it’s a little snug. Maybe after a couple of photoshoots, I’ll cut off the cape for Leo to wear separately and sew the Bat symbol from theContinue reading “The Dog Knight Rises”

H is for Harness

Harness your dog’s energy and she’ll walk nicely beside you. Leo wears a green front-clasp harness designed to improve the walking skills of pullers, even though he’s always walked pretty well on leash. I’ve read that these harnesses are tools to be used until the dog learns how to walk properly, and then you’re supposed toContinue reading “H is for Harness”

B is for Baseball Caps

Baseball caps? What does that have to do with positive training — or dogs, for that matter? Baseball caps are great accessories between hair washes. They also keep the sun out of my eyes and add an extra layer of SPF protection. Even more useful in the Pacific Northwest, they keep the rain out ofContinue reading “B is for Baseball Caps”