The Dog Knight Rises

Last weekend I fulfilled a longtime dream… I dressed Leo in a Batman costume. I was inspired by Super Cooper’s Instagram page. The costume from Petsmart is a 2XL and it’s a little snug. Maybe after a couple of photoshoots, I’ll cut off the cape for Leo to wear separately and sew the Bat symbol from theContinue reading “The Dog Knight Rises”

I is for Isis, the most beautiful name

Every year that I do the A to Z Challenge, I will be for Isis. My beautiful doggie, Isis, was named for the Egyptian goddess and protector of health, marriage, and wisdom. Whenever you hear about the other ISIS, think about how many women and girls (and dogs and cats and ferrets) are named Isis in theContinue reading “I is for Isis, the most beautiful name”

G is for Good Job

Have you seen Whiplash? Remember what J.K. Simmons’ character says about the phrase “Good Job”? I’ll let J.K. tell you, using some colorful adult language, so I can stick with my goal of using all positive language. I rather enjoyed Whiplash and this scene sums up its theme. Maybe that is how a great artist becomesContinue reading “G is for Good Job”

When famous people die

After Kurt Cobain killed himself, one of my mom’s college students said she was so distraught that she couldn’t turn in her assignment. As a college student myself at the time, I thought that was a pretty shoddy excuse. I mean, light a candle outside your local record store, listen to Heart-Shaped Box on repeat,Continue reading “When famous people die”

Companion piece to Bark and Lunge

Just finished Suspect, Robert Crais’ best work! Obviously, I’m biased, because it’s about a German shepherd. My mom introduced me to Crais’ Elvis Cole detective novels many moons ago. I’ve read them all and the standalones as well. They’re terrific. This one really spoke to me. Not just because it’s about a dog. I’ve readContinue reading “Companion piece to Bark and Lunge”

Movies that make you believe in God

My people like our Christmases dark, especially when it comes to the movie portion of our celebration. An all-time favorite Christmas Day screening was Quills, starring Geoffrey Rush as the Marquis de Sade. Two years ago, Black Swan was my favorite Christmas movie. During the past week at my mom’s, I read Gone Girl (Marriage canContinue reading “Movies that make you believe in God”

Vampires should have fangs

Look, teen vampire romances and me, we go way back. Like all the way back to the original. The Lost Boys. (I’m totally, unapologetically Team Kiefer. Then and now.) I know my horror genres. Hell, I took a class at USC toward my degree about Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy in film. (Best class ever.) I readContinue reading “Vampires should have fangs”

If Madonna isn’t too old for this sh*t, how come I am?

The past few years, every time I go to a big concert (which is like, once a year), I think to myself, “Maybe I don’t need to be spending hundreds of dollars to sit really far back in a stadium and watch a performance on a video screen.” I had thought it would be awesomeContinue reading “If Madonna isn’t too old for this sh*t, how come I am?”

Find strength in what remains behind

Last night, after a very inspirational writers conference, I watched an episode of It’s Me or the Dog that left me rather emotional. Not that the family in question underwent any moving transformation or anything. This crazy woman had rescued four dogs. One was “aggressive” and fought with another. Trainer Victoria Stilwell helped by havingContinue reading “Find strength in what remains behind”