I is for Isis, the most beautiful name

Every year that I do the A to Z Challenge, I will be for Isis.


My beautiful doggie, Isis, was named for the Egyptian goddess and protector of health, marriage, and wisdom.

Whenever you hear about the other ISIS, think about how many women and girls (and dogs and cats and ferrets) are named Isis in the world, and consider using the term ISIL like our president does.

I’m enormously proud of my book about Isis, called Bark and Lunge. I also think I made a prophetic decision to change the original subtitle, which was The Isis Story and used to be in the URL for the book’s website.

While that change was for the best, I still sing out her name with pride and wear it tattooed on my foot.



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13 thoughts on “I is for Isis, the most beautiful name

  1. A beautiful dog and a proud name.
    As for that other lot, I prefer the term used by the BBC and some other UK-based news services: “the so-called islamic state”. And yes, I am totally familiar with the rules regarding capitalisation, but I don’t think that lot deserve them.

  2. We have a health service in the area called Isis Health Services. There have never been problems with the name until recently.

  3. I love your tattoo! The Egyptian goddess has been around a LOT longer and it’s a beautiful name. I thought I might continue my tradition of goddess names for dogs after Lasya and Freya but it seemed fitting to let them be their own era.

  4. Love the tattoo, and the story behind Isis’ name. I especially love the pics of Isis in her goddess garb. P.S. I plan on getting Beebs’ name tattooed to my ankle when I get back to Anchorage. This way, I can keep on running with her, at least in my mind. Cheers and have a great weekend.

  5. I love it. I want to have my dogs’ names tattood on my arm, but I have 4 dogs. So I’m thinking of seeing if I can find the Chinese characters for their names so that they’ll take up less room. Rodrigo is going to be a tough one.

    Gorgeous dog!

  6. I’m so glad you proudly speak of your beautiful Isis. It’s a beautiful name and your tattoo design is quite awesome as well!

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