X is for Xerxes

Since my Isis post has me on one kind of watchlist, an alternate X is Xenu, to get me on another. Both make great dog names, right?

While I had Isis’s name in mind before we met her, Rob and I spent more than a week deliberating on what to call Leo.

Since Isis is an Egyptian goddess, we went through seemingly every name from Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Hindu mythology. Also, superhero names. I’m pretty sure I offered up Leo when I ran through astrological names. (Aries is another good one).

Rob came up with Leonidas from the movie 300, Leo for short. Therefore, Xerxes is the obvious choice for our next dog, right?

Can you believe that little dude is now five years old and 103 pounds??

That's Leo on the right, and a runner-up on my lap. Let's call that one Xerxes.
That’s Leo on the right. The runner-up on my lap, let’s call him Xerxes.

For the A to Z Challenge, I’m using all positive language in my posts. Read the story of how positive training helped my reactive dog Isis in my book, Bark and Lunge!


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