W is for Window Film

This one’s for the mailman.

While we appreciate Leo’s gifts as a guard dog, sometimes the view outside the front windows is overstimulating. I considered his window reactivity a minor concern, but delivery men might tell you a different story.

Blinds obscure the view from the outside, but clever dogs are able to peek between, chew, and paw the slats. As a result, one of our windows has been bare of blinds for quite a while now, offering a clear view in and out.

I’d heard window film suggested for reactive dogs, to alleviate the stress of witnessing all the activity outside, and finally was motivated to put some up after seeing a lovely bamboo pattern on a glass door at my craniosacral therapist’s. It totally goes with our Asian-inspired home decor.

I bought the bamboo film online, along with an application kit. It was easy to apply, and has stayed up for weeks. I love the way light comes through, and look how chill Leo looks in these photos. That was immediately after I put it up, and all I asked for was a sit.

He still barks, of course, but at a farther distance from the window. Much like the calming cap, the intent is to filter out the distractions somewhat, allowing him to relax more.

For the A to Z Challenge, I’m using all positive language in my posts. Read the story of how positive training helped my reactive dog Isis in my book, Bark and Lunge!


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12 thoughts on “W is for Window Film

  1. Does it really work, my dog knows when the ups, fed ex and mail show up… just by the opening and closing of the truck doors… my brother is a mail person, I see if he sees this on the places he delivers to… thank you.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There’s no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood… is Nuts?

    1. He’s less likely to notice things in the neighbor’s driveway or people passing on the street. I haven’t been home when a delivery has come since I put it up, but my hope is that at least he’s not pressing his face up against the glass where the delivery man has to walk.

  2. Window film made a huge difference at my house in my big front window; the only downside is that Ruby’s hearing got a lot better…she is able to recognize the sounds of the doors opening where the dogs live!

  3. great idea, I should buy some for my neighbors dogs who thrash against the windows when we walk by! LeeAnna

  4. That’s a great idea – and it looks nice too! We also have an Asian-inspired house, and a reactive dog! But luckily all the windows facing the street are just really narrow, high windows that she can’t see out of. The only window that’s a problem is the siding glass door in our bedroom, and it’s only a problem every 2 weeks when the gardener comes in the backyard! But we have found that a can of Kong spray “cheese” is just the ticket to keep her calm and happy while he’s there! 🙂

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