Girls like flowers

After 14 springs in Washington state, I guess I don’t have to go to the tulip fields every April. Fortunately, Mia and I saw some color in the beds along Mount Vernon’s newish Skagit River Walk. Join the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky ToolsContinue reading “Girls like flowers”

Cocoons: My murderous obsession

If you walked onto your back porch at dusk and were swarmed with butterflies, you’d probably smile and say, “How magical.” If a ladybug crawled across your steering wheel, you might take its picture and post a blog about it. Swap out the butterflies and ladybugs for moths and beetles, though, and your response wouldContinue reading “Cocoons: My murderous obsession”

Spit Bugs

I’ve noticed a foamy white substance on the stems of my roses and also the blackberries in the backyard. I asked my mother, a prolific gardener, and Rob’s mother, who has lived in this region her whole life, and yet it was Rob who had instant recognition, “Spit bugs!” he said. “There’s a bug inContinue reading “Spit Bugs”

And rain will make the flowers grow

Spectacular. We’re looking at another stormy weekend. I do have to get outside at one point, though, to plant the shrubs I found it necessary to mail-order from Ohio. My compulsive online shopping is a story for another time. Rob likes to fall asleep listening to audio books. Which, of course, means he rarely isContinue reading “And rain will make the flowers grow”

The primary concern is the bulb

I’d lived in Washington and worked for a small newspaper about three weeks when my editor asked me if I would cover the first daffodil picking. “You have boots, right?” Thinking she meant steel-toe construction boots, and not rubber barn/field boots, I said yes. With such a high turnover among reporters, it’s smart to sendContinue reading “The primary concern is the bulb”