Them apples

An appropriate topic for this Washington-based blog, no?

I’m eating apples again, now that my TMJ has stabilized. It started with a visit to the Olympia farmer’s market in August, when some dude sliced off a bit of a Ginger Gold and handed it to me. Delicious! I bought two.

Buying apples can be frustrating sometimes, because you never know when you’re going to get a bum, mealy one. So you need to determine what strain of apples you prefer and stick to those, methinks.

Another kind that tastes as good as its name implies is Honeycrisp. A few weeks ago, a local grower was giving away samples with honey roasted peanut butter at the grocery store. I bought a couple, even though the local apples were $2.29/lb and the imported New Zealand apples (Gala or Fuji, I think) were $1.29.

This news story gives an inkling as to why that might be. Honeycrisps are harder to grow here than in the Midwest. As I read the article, I actually got hungry for one of the Honeycrisps I bought earlier and left in my car. And even though there was the possibility of leftover donuts in the conference room, I went out to my car to get the apple.

However, as I wrote this, my coworker brought the remaining maple bar and a half to the front of the office. I would have eaten just the half (since I’d already had an apple), but you know how pastries can get stale when cut in half and exposed to air? So I had the whole one.

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