Dog Days of Summer with Our Senior Dog

I found a handwritten (I know, right?) journal entry from Jan. 17, 2012, about six months after we got Mia: There’s something very special about Mia. She knows her role in my heart. She stays by my side and doesn’t cause any trouble. She’s my constant companion so I’m never alone. But what happens whenContinue reading “Dog Days of Summer with Our Senior Dog”

Mia the secret destroyer

We’ve had Mia since June 2011. We believe she is nine years old. For the first two years we had her, she did not do a single thing wrong. The only things she tore apart were her own toys. She did display a few anxious tendencies: An occasional shrill whine we dubbed “squeak squeak whistleContinue reading “Mia the secret destroyer”

I choose having dogs over having nice things

While Rob and I were in Seattle on Saturday, Leo and Mia committed unprecedented destruction. We were warned by Rob’s dad, Jerry, when I called to tell him we were on our way home. “You’ll never guess what your dogs did.” “Did they tear up the couch?” (This would not have surprised nor particularly troubledContinue reading “I choose having dogs over having nice things”

Mia’s first birthday (as far as we’re concerned)

A year ago this weekend, we met an angel whose muzzle was grayer than I expected. My first thought upon seeing her was, “This isn’t the dog for us.” But she hopped into our car so willingly that she instantly was ours. She changed our lives. We were still pretty much in a pit ofContinue reading “Mia’s first birthday (as far as we’re concerned)”

Who hates the snow? Honestly!

Every year, when snow is in the forecast, I hear murmurings (and read them on The Facebook and The Twitter) of “Oh, no, it’s going to snow. Oh, I hope it doesn’t snow!” I always think, “Seriously? I loooove the snow. How can you not love snow?” Saying you hate snow is like saying youContinue reading “Who hates the snow? Honestly!”