9 thoughts on “The Bark and Lunge book tour

  1. Very cool! Look at you with all these events! (I really should call some independent book stores but the one I tried in San Diego shot me down – such a big city, there are SO many local authors! – so that kinda took the fun out of looking for others!) The cake looks fab!

    • Thanks! I’m obsessed with the cake. My aunt lives in La Jolla, and she was going to ask on my behalf at the big bookstore there, but when I looked at their website, I saw David Sedaris and other luminaries on the schedule, and wasn’t sure a lil independent author like myself could make the cut. My event in LA is at a natural dog food store. You could look into places like that! The trick is finding someone who will make the sales for you, so you don’t have to deal with the sales tax.

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