Cookies! (Just one)

Just one cookie. That’s all I’ll eat. Just to taste to make sure Rob will like it. Just one cookie. All I need is for one cookie to look remotely like the NinjaBread Men on the cookie cutter packaging. Well, they taste good anyway. Made some for the doggies, too, and they seem to like them.Continue reading “Cookies! (Just one)”

Companions for Life

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme is almost too easy: Companionable. My precious Mia has a very annoying habit of barking incessantly in the backyard. We think she’s just saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m over here!” Because she doesn’t want you to throw her the ball, or even come near her. If you try toContinue reading “Companions for Life”

In the background: A freeway falls into the river

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background, I give you Interstate 5 collapsed into the Skagit River. Allow me to zoom out so you can see how close my old office used to be to this freeway. This bridge has been in the background of my life for the past 10 years. From late 2006Continue reading “In the background: A freeway falls into the river”

The Japanese art of folding patterned paper

A few years ago, a work associate I knew only slightly was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was given a few months to live, but survived almost a year. During that time, I followed a Caring Bridge blog documenting his illness, treatment and family life. One of the ways his loved ones coped wasContinue reading “The Japanese art of folding patterned paper”

Last year’s tulips

I try not to be like everyone else, but it’s April and this week’s Photo Challenge is Color. What’s a girl to do?   I intended to hit the tulip fields today and take close-ups of individual tulips in different colors, then run them in a circle gallery like the above. But it’s so cold andContinue reading “Last year’s tulips”

Leo’s metaphoric ladder of success

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward Leo would love to climb this ladder, but I doubt he ever will. He doesn’t seem to understand the nuances of his hind legs. Not that he’s disabled in any way. He can run and jump just fine. He is capable of jumping or climbing on the furniture, but half theContinue reading “Leo’s metaphoric ladder of success”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

One of these weeks, I’m going to take a picture especially for the Weekly Photo Challenge. But for each of the three weeks I’ve participated, I’ve already had the perfect picture: When I first took this picture (in November 2008, according to the metadata), I asked my mom if she thought it was too intimateContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Home is titled Northwest Retirement Cottage. Sometimes my work takes me places other people don’t tend to see. Twice in my career, I’ve visited squatters’ cabins in the woods. I visited this cabin a few months after its owner died. I hiked about twenty minutes from a logging roadContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

At my friend Jolene’s suggestion, here’s my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Last night I revised the prologue to my memoir to include a description of this photo of Isis. Maybe it’s not unique under the larger category of dogs running on beaches, but as I wrote about the photo, I tried to findContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique”