Hazy shade of autumn

I apologize to my new readers and old friends who grew accustomed to my daily postings. I surprised even myself with how often I blogged during my trip. Now that I’m back home, my goal is to post at least once a week, but I’d love to find as much wonder in my daily life as I found during my travels. Treat every day like an exciting adventure.

Jet lag’s always worse coming home, and an 11-hour time difference is one of the hardest to overcome. Add to that the resurgence of my head cold, and I’ve been in kind of a fog since we got home Monday. I’ve been sleeping fine. Getting out of bed is the hard part.

I’m back at the office today and felt like I was fading to black just before lunch. Eyes glazing over, thinking, If I just had a bed (or a couch) I could fall asleep right this second. I considered going home, but instead decided to grab a bite and take Mia for our regularly scheduled noontime walk. I can’t guarantee I’ll last until the end of the day, but the fresh air (and mango shrimp and rice) revived me quite a bit.

Yet another reason dogs in the workplace are a very, very good thing. She gets me up and moving. I was tempted to just eat and come straight back to my desk. Too tired to walk. But that wouldn’t be fair to her. So we strolled through a woodsy trail that is both roadside and riverside. I unhooked Mia’s leash as we got to the stretch that is protected from the road. Usually, she trots off ahead of me, but today, she looked over her shoulder with a huge smile, like “I’m so happy you’re home,” and walked beside me a little longer.

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