How to sabotage the Skinny Rules: Holiday Edition

Make excellent choices.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with greek yogurt and flax seed.
  • Lunch: Salad with grilled salmon
  • Dinner: Grilled fish, salad, grilled zucchini

Surprisingly, I found it easy enough to observe Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules at meals over the holidays. At the Fish Grill in Brentwood, I even opted for salad and zucchini instead of fries or baked potato, and I resisted eating any of my mom’s fries.

Ready for the the trick to completely sabotaging any hopes of losing weight?

Between meals, stuff your face with cookies, cake, and candy. All of it you can get your hands on. Non stop.

For example, I baked my boyfriend a He-Man cake for his 42nd birthday. (Is that weird?)

While working at home last week, I reduced He-Man from a bust with shoulders and hair to simply a face. Then I ate that too.

heman cake

Look, I’m not conceding defeat or anything. I’m congratulating myself on learning how the rules work, even as I blatantly flouted them.

Starting today, this time I mean it. I’m gonna stop eating starches after lunch, or anything after eight. I’ve almost gotten rid of all the other crap around the house. Except for maybe a little bit of candy. But I’m totally going to exercise some will power over that. Totally. (And if I don’t, I’ll start the Skinny Rules tomorrow.)


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