Queen Mia B

Queen Mia
Photo by Rob

The B stands for Bear. Mia Bear.

I’m starting to feel like a senior dog blogger, but maybe that’s how things are going to be now that she’s 12(ish). She started limping severely the other day. So wobbly she wasn’t seeming to put any weight on her rear left leg. Two people I told this to said, “That happened to my dog/cat. It was cancer.”


Anyway, had her checked out today. No sign it’s cancer or a torn anything. We’re mixing up her meds and letting her rest and I expect she’ll be feeling better very soon!

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Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

16 thoughts on “Queen Mia B

  1. She’s a pretty gal on a pretty day! Hope her leg is feeling better!

    I just started a trial run of Deramaxx for my 13 year old Cardigan Corgi. It seems to have done some good for his arthritis.

  2. Ouch. Way to go to the most negative place and not be sensitive to how you might respond or react.. People…

    I hope it’s just a strain and nothing serious. She’s a beauty. Reminds me of Audi, a 12 year old that I looked after for 3 years until she passed away. I’ll never forget her, I had such a beautiful relationship with her.

    Best wishes to your girl and have a great week. 🙂

  3. Hi! Oh we share so many of the same issues. Shermie wouldn’t bear weight on his right front leg last weekend and of course I thought the “C” word. Luckily it was a soft tissue injury and some Rimadyl took care of it but we also live with seniors (two if you count Sherm and he’s nine so we do) and I feel like I win the lottery when I get through any vet appt. I get it. I bet in a day or two Mia B will be back to new…. keep me posted.

  4. When Lady, my older white German Shepherd, started limping I realized that she was hurting herself by trying to keep up with the younger dogs. I started taking the younger ones out for a more vigorous workout first, then walking all of them together at a slower pace. She didn’t like it at first but eventually seemed to get used to the new routine. She was with me for sixteen years.

    1. Yes, she’ll be staying home while I walk Leo for the next three weeks. Poor thing. Last night I forgot to close the gate around our patio and she bounded up the hill after a rabbit when I let them out in the middle of the night. Not a great start to her recuperation.

  5. Best wishes for the Queen. Old age effects even the spryest of us old gals. I’m sure she needs some rest, please keep us posted.

  6. I know exactly how you feel! D’Art is 12 too and I am always on the lookout for his health. Some days he’s full of energy and other days he sleeps all day. Glad to hear Mia is taking it easy and it isn’t anything scary.

  7. MIa is so cool! She has such spirit. Older dogs are the best. Is she still limping? Maybe she pulled a muscle or maybe it’s just creaky joints. (Hate that people told you it might be cancer. As if anyone needs such worries.) Cheers and woof-woof.

    1. She’s the best! I think she just strained something. She stumbled and yelped in the yard Saturday. Then was limping just a little Sunday, and then seriously (Seriously!) wobbling Monday. I think it came on too fast to be anything other than an injury. And X-rays didn’t show anything terrible. She’s in good spirits as always!

  8. Aww, sweet girl. Hope she’s feeling better soon and it’s nothing that can’t be dealt with. (People. Why don’t they keep their mouths shut?)

  9. Aw, poor Mia. I know how you feel with Haley getting up there in age too. If it is arthritis, ask you vet about Adequan. It’s working wonders for Haley and it’s easy to give the injections at home. I hope Mia’s feeling better soon and it’s just a temporary tenderness in her leg.

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