Senior doggie aging with grace


Mia had a bit of fur shaved last week at the vet. She’s been so itchy, they wanted me to be able to get the medicine to the skin. It’s not a great haircut, so Mia’s been rocking some adorbs hoodies while it grows back. I bought a couple of new ones too, because I think it could be a while.

She also had a funny looking bump aspirated and pathologized. Usually my vet leaves long voicemails for me with test results, and I hadn’t heard back from him. I thought maybe he was waiting to deliver the news in person this week when I brought Leo in. I started researching cancer treatments, and wondering whether my vet accepts the Care Credit card.

Last night I checked the email account I don’t use very often and found a message from the vet: “mixed inflammatory cells. No cancerous or neoplastic cells were seen.”


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Published by Kari Neumeyer

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9 thoughts on “Senior doggie aging with grace

  1. This is totally my life too – and thank goodness no cancer cells. I have Bruisy at 13 that continues to have IBD issues and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night to go and then Shermie that has a growth under his armpit that is benign but gets inflamed and angry. He has lumps everywhere. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thanks. We’ve had lots of the little pencil-eraser sized bumps, but this one looked really weird. It’s gotten much better already with antibiotics. Which is good, because she’s started eating the cheese around her pills, breaking open the capsules and spitting out the powder. (Why don’t they make liver-flavored antibiotics?)

  2. That’s fantastic news! It’s such a relief when you hear everything’s okay. Mia looks so adorable in her hoodie and I bet it makes her feel comforted too.

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