Someday my pit will come

The heart wants what the heart wants. My heart has decided it wants a blue pit bull. When I searched Google images for a picture of a blue pit, I found one named Isis! Pretty sure she belongs to someone. In 2009, when our Isis was still alive, before I had any plans to writeContinue reading “Someday my pit will come”

The Stud Book looks at breeders from all angles

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an author event like no other. Monica Drake, author of The Stud Book, was joined by her Portland writer buddies Chuck Palahniuk and Chelsea Cain for a night of flashing devil horns, glow-in-the-dark beach balls, and R-rated bedtime stories. Everyone in attendance went home with a signedContinue reading “The Stud Book looks at breeders from all angles”

Hey! Free Books!

The idea behind World Book Night is to get books in the hands of people who don’t read much, or at all, or who don’t have the resources to buy books. When I applied to be a World Book Night giver, I requested books that are appropriate for young people, because frankly, I consider allContinue reading “Hey! Free Books!”

Revisiting first novels

After a novel has had tremendous success, readers often seek out the author’s first books, which for whatever reason, escaped notice when originally released. More than a decade before The Art of Racing in the Rain became a New York Times Bestseller, Garth Stein published Raven Stole the Moon. The jacket summary intrigued me: aContinue reading “Revisiting first novels”

Companion piece to Bark and Lunge

Just finished Suspect, Robert Crais’ best work! Obviously, I’m biased, because it’s about a German shepherd. My mom introduced me to Crais’ Elvis Cole detective novels many moons ago. I’ve read them all and the standalones as well. They’re terrific. This one really spoke to me. Not just because it’s about a dog. I’ve readContinue reading “Companion piece to Bark and Lunge”

Reading List

Since I joined Kim and Lu in their Possession read-along, I’ve been feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all the other books I want to be reading right now. Interestingly, Kim just posted her own list. Here are the books on my immediate to-read list: Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions: I am in so loveContinue reading “Reading List”

Hedgebrook, where (almost) everyone pronounces my name right on the first try

My writer buddy Pam tipped me off about today’s salon at Hedgebrook. She also drove, which allowed me to indulge freely in the wine at the the poorly described “wine and cheese” reception, which included hummus, deviled eggs, and veggies, plus the wine and at least six kinds of cheese. People, I can’t overstate theContinue reading “Hedgebrook, where (almost) everyone pronounces my name right on the first try”

Vampires should have fangs

Look, teen vampire romances and me, we go way back. Like all the way back to the original. The Lost Boys. (I’m totally, unapologetically Team Kiefer. Then and now.) I know my horror genres. Hell, I took a class at USC toward my degree about Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy in film. (Best class ever.) I readContinue reading “Vampires should have fangs”

Howloween Horror: Death by Undercoat

The instrument of your death is familiar, always just under the surface. As it spreads, you grow accustomed to its coating your furniture and car upholstery, gathering in tumbleweeds on the floor, and surrounding you like an aura. You feel like Pig Pen from Peanuts, if he owned a German shepherd and instead of dirt,Continue reading “Howloween Horror: Death by Undercoat”