WOOF! Holiday Challenges

Welcome to the latest WOOF Blog Hop. We’re Working Out Our Fears about holiday challenges! My biggest challenge is leaving the dogs behind. My preference is to spend every single second with Mia and Leo. They’ve gotten so well-behaved when we take them to Rob’s parents’ house. As long as we put the butter inContinue reading “WOOF! Holiday Challenges”

WOOF! Handler Error

You know how no parents think their baby is ugly? Sometimes it’s hard for parents of reactive dogs to see their dogs as scary.   I’m not completely delusional. Leo is a 98-pound dark German shepherd. When he barks and lunges, I know he’s a frightening sight. But I’d like to think, and this isContinue reading “WOOF! Handler Error”

WOOF! I is for Isis

Brought to you by the letter I and the WOOF Support Blog Hop. I is for Isis, the most beautiful name of the most beautiful dog in the world. What Do I Love About My Reactive Dog? Funny you should ask. After Isis bit someone, her victim referred me to a positive reinforcement trainer. Before weContinue reading “WOOF! I is for Isis”

WOOF! Management Is the Secret to Success

Welcome to the second WOOF Support Blog Hop. This month’s theme is Success, Frustration, and Everything In Between. Reactive dog trainers talk about “setting your dog up for success.” To me, that means careful management. Generally, I do not consider Leo a fearful dog, but he is extremely leash-reactive. After what we went through withContinue reading “WOOF! Management Is the Secret to Success”

WOOF! Working Out Our Fears

Where were all the Fearful Dog support groups when I was struggling with Isis? Did they not exist, or did I not understand until way too late that fear was the root of her problem? Social media was still young then, way back in 2008. I’m part of two great Facebook communities where every day,Continue reading “WOOF! Working Out Our Fears”