Rethinking dog cloning

Several weeks ago, I glibly asked if you’d clone your dog. Because who wouldn’t want to have a second and third and fourth lifetime with their bestest friend? I was surprised how many commenters said they’d never do it. In my fantasy, scientists could mix up a little cocktail of Isis DNA in a petri dishContinue reading “Rethinking dog cloning”

Buy a book, benefit shelter dogs

This Friday is the official launch of the Bark and Lunge book tour! I will be reading, answering questions, and selling books and T-shirts at The Humane Society of Skagit Valley, and donating the proceeds to the shelter. Since not everyone can make it to beautiful Skagit Valley for this party, but I know youContinue reading “Buy a book, benefit shelter dogs”

A writer writing about writing (about dogs)

My friend Tiffany Pitts, author and mother to an awesome shepherd named Thor Michaelson, invited me to participate in a writerish blog hop. I mention Thor Michaelson because 1) this is a dog blog and 2) Tiffany and I met through Thor. I’d been following Thor Michaelson on Facebook for several months when I happenedContinue reading “A writer writing about writing (about dogs)”

Bark and Lunge on sale July 29

I’ve been uncharacteristically wordless lately because I’m gearing up for the launch of Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes. Add it to your Goodreads list now, and on July 29, buy the print or eBook (or both!) from any of your usual online booksellers. Here’s the print cover:     Powered byContinue reading “Bark and Lunge on sale July 29”

Bark and Lunge coming soon

Exciting news! Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes will launch this summer. Join my mailing list for alerts. I promise not to share your email address, and won’t bombard you, just send you updates about the book. Also, list subscribers are eligible to receive a FREE advance PDF of the book, and will beContinue reading “Bark and Lunge coming soon”

W is for Water! (Whee!)

Isis loved to play with the hose, as seen in this video from 2009.   During the several months we tried to get Isis and Leo to be buddies, the closest we ever came was when Grandma sprayed them with the hose on either side of a fence. I describe it in Bark and Lunge: Isis reared upContinue reading “W is for Water! (Whee!)”

H is for Hit By a Flying Wolf

Here’s a book recommendation brought to you by the letter H. Hit by a Flying Wolf by Nicole Wilde Yesterday, I quoted from Nicole Wilde’s blog post about growling. As a follow-up to that and my post on the Evolution of Dogs and Wolves, I decided H-day was a good opportunity to tell you about her latest book.Continue reading “H is for Hit By a Flying Wolf”

D is for Dominance

I’m so encouraged that Bark and Lunge has received the following endorsement: Bark and Lunge is worth reading slowly for the details and for the joy of it. The book recognizes the inappropriate use of simple dominance theory, which is so common and so wrong for dogs. Many dog owners will recognize some of the questionsContinue reading “D is for Dominance”

How to train a dog to do anything (and prevent bites)

I read Ian Dunbar’s Before and After Getting Your Puppy before and after we got Leo. Unfortunately, I had not yet heard about puppy socialization when we got Isis, whose story I tell in Bark and Lunge. That’s why, after reading an advance copy of my book, Ian Dunbar said: Prospective puppy/dog owners can save themselves aContinue reading “How to train a dog to do anything (and prevent bites)”