W is for Water! (Whee!)

Isis loved to play with the hose, as seen in this video from 2009.


During the several months we tried to get Isis and Leo to be buddies, the closest we ever came was when Grandma sprayed them with the hose on either side of a fence. I describe it in Bark and Lunge:

Isis reared up on her hind legs to a height taller than Alice, pressing her face joyfully into the blast of water. When Alice aimed the spray through the chain link at Leo, he frolicked with slightly less gusto, but increasing enthusiasm. As Leo shook his little black head back and forth, Isis watched with soft eyes and her tongue hanging gently out of her mouth.

She wasn’t completely at ease with Leo just on the other side of the chain link, but neither did she seem threatened. C’mon, Grandma! When’s it my turn again?

“Good girl, Isis! Good boy, Leo!” I cheered them on from my chair, careful not to interfere with the dynamic. Both dogs playing with Grandma. Maybe Alice was onto something here. Could it really be this easy? Leo and Isis were engaged in an activity they both enjoyed, each aware of the other, but not displaying any stress or aggression. Just joy.

Sharing the hose, and Grandma, was even better than sharing a bowl of raw chicken hearts.

Did I get it right?

Leo is four months old in this video, and Isis is four years old, the same age Leo is now.

W is for Water! Whee!


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