I is for Isis, the most beautiful name

Every year that I do the A to Z Challenge, I will be for Isis. My beautiful doggie, Isis, was named for the Egyptian goddess and protector of health, marriage, and wisdom. Whenever you hear about the other ISIS, think about how many women and girls (and dogs and cats and ferrets) are named Isis in theContinue reading “I is for Isis, the most beautiful name”

C is for Cheesy!

As regular readers know, my leash-reactive German shepherd Leo has made great progress lately as a result of what I call the Cheesy Technique. Based on the CARE for Reactive Dogs program, I’m creating a positive association with the things he enjoys barking at. When he sees those things, I give him a special treat heContinue reading “C is for Cheesy!”

A is for Accentuate the Positive

Welcome to the 2015 Blogging A to Z Challenge. My theme this year is All-Positive, which means I will be discussing only positive methods of working with my dogs. I believe very strongly that rewarding dogs (or anyone) for the things they do right leads to a reciprocally respectful relationship. As an added linguistic challenge,Continue reading “A is for Accentuate the Positive”

Take-home Message (plus Free Book!)

Wednesday is the last day Bark and Lunge will be available for free on Kindle! Click here for the free eBook! Join the Wordless Wednesday fun by clicking the Linky Link and visiting other blogs in the Blog Hop. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

Training versus management for leash-reactive dogs

A few years ago, I decided we were going to cure Leo of his reactivity to bicycles. We planned to walk around the campus of the nearby university where Rob works, with Rob’s bicycle. We started with Rob walking beside the bicycle, and Leo was totally cool with that. Then, another bicycle whizzed past, Leo barkedContinue reading “Training versus management for leash-reactive dogs”

Speaking up for positive training

Several of us in the positive training community were distressed a few months ago when a company that sells shock collars courted dog bloggers to convince them of the virtues of aversive training. It felt like we were backsliding. Were these methods coming back into style? I’m happy to tell you that at least oneContinue reading “Speaking up for positive training”

Top 10 Books for Dog Lovers

It goes without saying that the greatest gift you can give any dog lover this Christmas is my book, Bark and Lunge, but I’ll assume because you’re reading my blog that you already know that. Here are ten more books to give the dog lover in your life. I have extremely high standards for dog books,Continue reading “Top 10 Books for Dog Lovers”

NaNoWoofMo 2014

Once again, I’m joining a round-robin doggie tale for NaNoWoofMo, a variation on National Novel Writing Month, where we’re woofing the novel instead of writing it. (Sadly, I bowed out of Red Wheelbarrow Writers‘ round robin, which this year is called Placebo and is awesome, so you should check it out!) Here are the chapters soContinue reading “NaNoWoofMo 2014”