Year in Review Part 2: Leo

Leo recovered from his November 2017 TPLO surgery like a champ. At his eight-week X-rays, we learned that his fibula had broken during his recovery, but had already been healing for a few weeks, so there was nothing to be done, except feel completely devastated about my failure as a nurse. But he didn’t care.Continue reading “Year in Review Part 2: Leo”

Dog Days of Summer with Our Senior Dog

I found a handwritten (I know, right?) journal entry from Jan. 17, 2012, about six months after we got Mia: There’s something very special about Mia. She knows her role in my heart. She stays by my side and doesn’t cause any trouble. She’s my constant companion so I’m never alone. But what happens whenContinue reading “Dog Days of Summer with Our Senior Dog”

Nothing’s Gonna Break Our Stride

My training goal for 2018 is to have two ambulatory dogs. I already had Mia on anti-inflammatories and acupuncture when Leo needed TPLO surgery in November. I already had the greatest dog step in the world for the car*, and prophetically had trained Leo to use it. Mia got her own walks for a fewContinue reading “Nothing’s Gonna Break Our Stride”

Not as naughty as he looks

Since Leo is 100 pounds and leash reactive, I often assume he will be perceived as scary. He proved otherwise to me during this past month. At the end of October, he started limping. I had to leave him at the vet for a couple of hours while they X-rayed him. I worried that he’dContinue reading “Not as naughty as he looks”

Senior Dog Doesn’t Want to Come Inside

This month’s Positive Pet Training Blog Hop has the theme What To Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Listen To You. For me, that’s like every day. They do what they want. I’m not going to lie. So I don’t have any legit training tips to offer. I mean, mostly, they’ve been good doggies lately. Leo, now thatContinue reading “Senior Dog Doesn’t Want to Come Inside”

Scary Dogs Need Protection Too

When you have a big, scary German shepherd like Leo with a big, scary bark, you get used to other people thinking they need to keep their dogs (or their small children) safe from your dog. Meanwhile, my job is to keep Leo safe from situations that overwhelm him. Since last month’s “That’s a dangerousContinue reading “Scary Dogs Need Protection Too”

Little-known fact about senior shepherds

Recently, while admiring my pups, a woman asked if Mia was mixed with another breed. We don’t know for sure, but we’ve assumed she was a purebred German shepherd. I asked the woman why she asked, and she thought Mia looked part Husky! She wasn’t always this gray. Who knew that as they get older, seniorContinue reading “Little-known fact about senior shepherds”