Roses and thorns

It was suggested to me that I would feel more energized and motivated throughout the day if I woke up early and exercised. And if I spent less time on the couch, watching TV (gasp).

This is true, I noticed it when I worked out in my pajamas to a 6 a.m. German exercise show in Prague before an early shift. Better than working out to my TV, or in my 2,100-square-foot personal backyard exercise room, or even walking the dog, would be to leave the house and go to an exercise class where there are other people.

The lack of meaningful, face-to-face interaction with other people is the main problem with my job. Yesterday I was alone for most of the day in the office. I heard Michelle Obama this morning talking about her dinner table practice of asking everyone what their Roses and Thorns were from the day.

Almost worse than having one single thorn, the most unpleasant part of my day was sitting listless at my desk for six hours, not really getting anything done largely because I didn’t have anything that needed to get done. It doesn’t stick out like, “Man, this is the thorn of my day,” just a general malaise.

The rose? Teaching class with Rob last night made me happy. But the best, best part of my day? Watching the Lost season premiere.

So yes, while I am going to make an effort to get out of bed early to go to an exercise class, there is no way I’m giving up any TV shows.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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