It’s not quite as retro as jazzercise, but I’ve started taking step classes again. I’m cheating just a little, because I’m not getting up early to work out, but rather, going to a 9 a.m. exercise class and not getting to work until 10:15-10:30. We’ll see if this makes any difference to anyone.

I took 7 a.m. step aerobics in the fall of 1997 and loved rolling out of bed in Studio City, throwing on workout clothes and steppercizing before acting class. I even socialized a bit outside of the gym with the teacher and another woman in the class. Step choreography requires coordination, but not actual dance skills, just rhythm. I found that I could get the hang of the moves in most exercise classes after about three sessions.

That Thanksgiving, the health club offered back-to-back classes all morning, so you could burn off tons of calories before the big meal. I cannot even imagine doing something like that now.

I was pleased Friday, at my first step class in at least 10 years, that I picked it up pretty well. I was pleased too at how many nice women were taking this 9 a.m. step class. I didn’t think anybody was into step anymore. Thought it was all boot camp and power yoga now.

The hot hot exercise class these days is Zumba. I started this a few months ago, but didn’t find the moves that challenging or the classes that much fun. My new gym (around the corner from my office) has Zumba on Wednesdays, so I’ll be trying that.

I’m also probably going to join another gym, closer to my home, because I went to a Zumba class there on Saturday and it. was. awesome. The instructor’s name is Isis and people shout out “Zumba” at random moments during the routines.

Yeah, I own a 2,100-square-foot personal exercise room, with pretty much any exercise equipment you could want. I have videos for a wide variety of exercise routines. But I need to join two different gyms, so I can go to classes where there are other people.

In my search for the best classes, I started to pine for a big city that might have a Crunch or a Swerve, with classes in hip-hop or Yoga Booty Ballet. But for now, Zumba and step will have to do.

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