Going without

I’ve mostly had to give up chocolate, because it made me break out. Pretty much every time I ate it. I have found that powdered hot cocoa does not have the same effect, so I’ve been drinking that nearly every day.

Unfortunately, I continued to break out even when I wasn’t eating chocolate, so I sought the help of two dermatologists who said nothing about the possible cause, just gave me creams that irritated my skin, but may have been effective, who knows.

Then I remembered that one of the culprits that made me break out in my 20s was soy. This whole time I was eating no chocolate, I was eating tofu and sushi and teriyaki and other soy based foods. So I gave up those too.

This past week, I started to break out again, and d’oh, wouldn’t you know it, but I’d been eating a bunch of soy-based veggie burgers. So now I have to write those off too.


Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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