Hey! Free Books!

The idea behind World Book Night is to get books in the hands of people who don’t read much, or at all, or who don’t have the resources to buy books. When I applied to be a World Book Night giver, I requested books that are appropriate for young people, because frankly, I consider allContinue reading “Hey! Free Books!”

The Chronology of The Chronology of Water

When I file this under Books Like Mine, I don’t really mean that my dog memoir would sit on the shelf next to this memoir about sexual abuse, promiscuity, and substance use. They’re both memoirs. I guess that’s all they have in common. Mine is straightforwardly linear. We get a dog. We love the dog.Continue reading “The Chronology of The Chronology of Water”

Hedgebrook, where (almost) everyone pronounces my name right on the first try

My writer buddy Pam tipped me off about today’s salon at Hedgebrook. She also drove, which allowed me to indulge freely in the wine at the the poorly described “wine and cheese” reception, which included hummus, deviled eggs, and veggies, plus the wine and at least six kinds of cheese. People, I can’t overstate theContinue reading “Hedgebrook, where (almost) everyone pronounces my name right on the first try”

Self-imposed required reading

I’ve signed up for the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat in March, and have added a bunch of books to my to-read list in anticipation. Cheryl Strayed is the keynote speaker, and I’ve had her memoir, Wild, on my Nook since before my trip to Russia. (I keep wanting to call it “Strayed.”) I haven’t started readingContinue reading “Self-imposed required reading”

Another aggressive dog memoir

When pitching a memoir, authors are advised to name competitive titles. Easy enough to do with a dog memoir; there are so many. I thought Smiley Bird was unique because it’s a love letter to an aggressive dog. Until recently, the most similar memoir I had read was Part Wild: One Woman’s Journey with a CreatureContinue reading “Another aggressive dog memoir”

Wherever I go, there I am

I’m experiencing some travel paralysis. After we got back from Hawaii, I fantasized about visiting beachy places in Mexico, but that didn’t speak to Rob. Last week, he ruled out the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Apparently, all Spanish-speaking places are out. Brazil, on the other hand, is OK,  because they speak Portuguese there. Rob’sContinue reading “Wherever I go, there I am”

More misadventures of the Leo Bug

Tonight I will be reading an excerpt from Smiley Bird: A memoir of Isis, which begins with “Isis was like those children who misbehave in school because they’re TOO smart.” What’s Leo’s excuse? A month ago, I was so proud of my boy for how well he was doing in daycare and school. He wasContinue reading “More misadventures of the Leo Bug”