Wherever I go, there I am

I’m experiencing some travel paralysis. After we got back from Hawaii, I fantasized about visiting beachy places in Mexico, but that didn’t speak to Rob. Last week, he ruled out the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Apparently, all Spanish-speaking places are out. Brazil, on the other hand, is OK,  because they speak Portuguese there.

Rob’s actually thinking more along the lines of Russia.

Russia! Totally up my alley. I should be booking hotels and checking train schedules right about now. But I can’t get past the $3,000+ airfare to get us both there. Or anywhere in Europe.

I’d rather just drive someplace with the dogs and go camping. Since I’m so outdoorsy and all.

Meanwhile, I’m having an off-day writing the ol’ Memoir. This morning, I had to fill out a form about Leo’s behavior for a special class to nip his leash reactivity in the bud. If we can even call it that. I’m not 100 percent convinced, but the class will be good for him either way. What wasn’t so good for me was having to describe how he’s been acting out. And oh yeah, he bit Mia that one time.

All too reminiscent of all the rehashing I’ve been doing about everything Isis ever did wrong. I’ve reached the point in her life where I spent a year clicking and treating her for not barking at things. And trying to remain calm when she did bark at things. My days were filled with small victories and lots of disappointments. Every second that I wasn’t training her, I felt guilty that I wasn’t training her. I can’t drive by the university park-and-ride without thinking, “I should take Isis there later to work on her training.”

So I don’t feel like writing. And I don’t feel like planning a trip.

Guess you could say I’m not myself today.

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7 thoughts on “Wherever I go, there I am

  1. Ah, sweetie… I’d totally share this delicious brownie with you and commisserate if, you know, there weren’t these pesky 1000 miles between us. You maintain an astonishing level of productivity on your writing. It’s okay to allow yourself to have an off day without any extra guilt or beating yourself up, and remember tomorrow’s a new day. *hugs*

  2. Brownie? With or without nuts? Perhaps Rob and I should vacate to Sitka this summer… I hear you can see Russia from there.

  3. We all have those days. I enjoy the stories about the dogs.I think I
    miss Isis almost as much as you.. I still do not know what
    happened ,somehow I missed that.

  4. Sometimes enjoying the stuff close to home is the best trip of all. But whatever you decide, you are correct–where ever you are there you will be 🙂 Don’t despair, the memoir writing will come eventually. In the meantime blogging is good exercise!

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