I can’t quit you, Glee

Glee was there for me during a really hard time last February. The Super Bowl episode and the Valentine’s Day episode a few days later made me smile after the worst week ever. Yes, last season’s “Blame it on the Alcohol” and “A Night of Neglect” episodes were misses, but “Comeback,” “Sexy,” “Original Song,” andContinue reading “I can’t quit you, Glee”

A proverbial random thought that has bothered me, literally, forever

There is no hope for hopefully I heard a caller to a radio show yesterday talk about meeting his wife. He referred to himself as “The proverbial bad boy.” How does that proverb go again? Something about a bad boy in good fortune being in want of a wife? It reminded me of another oft-misusedContinue reading “A proverbial random thought that has bothered me, literally, forever”

A candid review of three Zumbas

Last fall, a couple of gals I know said they were going to try Zumba classes and asked if I’d like to join them. I didn’t ask where, but googled it and found a dance studio downtown that offered evening classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Perfect for my schedule, since I have martial arts TuesdayContinue reading “A candid review of three Zumbas”