I can’t quit you, Glee

Glee was there for me during a really hard time last February. The Super Bowl episode and the Valentine’s Day episode a few days later made me smile after the worst week ever.

Yes, last season’s “Blame it on the Alcohol” and “A Night of Neglect” episodes were misses, but “Comeback,” “Sexy,” “Original Song,” and “Prom Queen” won my heart all over again.

Remember the Celibacy Club’s performance of “Afternoon Delight”? Comedy gold.

So, sure, I was disappointed in last week’s “Pot O’ Gold” episode. Sorry, but Damian McGinty irritates me. I liked him fine on “The Glee Project,” but in his debut as Rory Flanagan, his performance grated on me. So smirky. The writing didn’t help, but I kinda suspect he can’t act. He is awfully cute, so I’m thinking the producers felt the show needed a dreamboat who skews a little younger than Puck (sigh). I’m getting pretty old myself; is Blaine too manly for teenyboppers?

Speaking of Puck, we all saw that kiss with Shelby coming, right? At least they gave Idina Menzel something else to do than hold the baby awkwardly and gaze at her dreamily.

I commend them for having a whole episode without a solo from Rachel, but Blaine’s “Last Friday Night” was the worst example of a gratuitous number that had nothing to do with the story or characters.

Which brings me to last night’s “The First Time.” Now we’re talking. Actual character development, emotion, solid performances. The use of songs to tell the story. (Although I was surprised to discover I don’t really like most of the music from “West Side Story.”)

Not the best episode ever, but good enough that I can suspend disbelief that Rachel and Blaine would still be on book just a few days before opening night, and that McKinley High has TWO female teachers who are virgins. And that Blaine would visit Dalton wearing high waters with no socks.

Because, come on, how sweet were those love scenes to the strains of “One Hand, One Heart”?

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